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Is Your Smile Getting Dull? Try Teeth Whitening

With age, our smiles can become dull and discolored. There are many solutions for teeth whitening on the market, but only a professional teeth whitening can properly address your discolored teeth. Teeth whitening from your dentist in Hudson, MA, can instantly boost your confidence! At Hudson Family Dental we can provide professional teeth whitening to all who are seeking a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that can transform your face. Dr. Michael Gigliotti and Dr. Jared Gittleman are experienced family dentists who can brighten your smile, today!

Professional Teeth Whitening from Your Dentist

Your teeth whitening treatment will begin with your doctor recording the current shade of your teeth. They will then initiate a deep clean which will remove excess plaque and debris. A peroxide solution and UV light are used to dye the teeth to the desired whiteness, then your teeth whitening is complete. Multiple sessions may be required to fully whiten the teeth, but you will be hard-pressed to find a more effective solution. With professional teeth whitening from your local dentist, you can guarantee a whiter smile with a procedure that is safe and effective.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Boost Your Confidence

Teeth Whitening is the fastest way to boost your confidence. Often the first thing people notice about you is your smile. With a radiant smile, you'll have the confidence to talk freely with friends old and new.

Better Than Store-Bought

Over-the-counter products can be unreliable or take months to show the lightest shade reduction. With professional whitening, your dentist will have access to the most trusted technology. In as little as one hour you can have whiter teeth. If you want your teeth to look better today, call Hudson Family Dental to schedule an appointment.

Noninvasive Procedure

Teeth whitening requires no major surgery and can be performed by your Hudson dentist. It is one of the few cosmetic dental procedures that does not require extensive hardware or a false replacement. With no surgery, there is no pain, just great-looking teeth.

Teeth whitening from your family dentist is a quick and effective dental procedure that will drastically change how you look. Trust your Hudson dentists, Dr. Gigliotti and Dr. Gittleman, to whiten your dull smile.

If you are interested in teeth whitening, call Hudson Family Dental at 978-562-2782. You can also schedule a visit to our office in Hudson, MA, where we can take care of all your dental needs.

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